Tyler Hannay became the 11th different winner of the Nick Corkill Memorial Trophy in the 14 years it has been contested on Sunday.

Home from Tuscany for a short period prior to returning to his new team Mastromarco Sensi Nibali (on Tuesday), his main aim this year is a ride with the team at the Baby Giro in June.

Things didn’t exactly go to plan for the 19-year-old on Sunday as he suffered an early puncture on the additional three-quarters of a lap that the scratch group completed round the Andreas, Ramsey, Bride loop.

He pulled up shortly before the line on Burmah Road and former race winner CC IoM team manager Connor Davies, sorted him out with a spare wheel from the neutral service car that was following the scratch group.

Hannay lost an estimated 90 seconds on the wheel change, so then had to chase to get back on.

The front group on the road, containing four females and organising club chairman Richard Fletcher, quickly broke up and he only had Ruby Oakes and Sophie Smith for company until they were dragged in by the chasers in the intermediate group, powered along by Andy Bass, Richard Curphey and Mark Harrison, along with teenagers Cian Howard and Orry Lund. This group to some extent had also disintegrated in the cool crosswinds on the coast road.

When that group caught up, only Fletcher and Oakes from the early lead group held on.

The scratch group were powering along nicely with regular 23-minute laps. With one circuit remaining the original 12-minute deficit was down to 13 seconds, and the combined front group was gobbled up on the Andreas village ring road.

Showing no fear of the scratch men in his first race on open roads in a mixed age group race, 15-year-old Howard edged out a gap on the steep ascent of Bride Hills, looking to escape alone in the final mile-and-a-half.

But experienced Continental rider Adam Kelly pulled the group back to the youngster as they turned left at the junction and went over the crest towards West Kimmeragh.

The race was back in two distinct groups 100 yards apart and the gallop was on for the finish line as the road straightened out alongside the former RAF drome.

Hannay, who had chased everything for the previous half-lap, upped his pace on the right then crossed over to the left to get some shelter from the wind, grabbing the win by a bike’s length from the Manx Viking Wheelers pairing of Niall Quiggin and Mark Horthuis.

Kelly, currently without a team, was fourth; his Garmin showing a race average speed of 41kph over a total distance (for the scratch men) of 89km with an ascent of 681 metres.

Callum Salisbury was the first junior home in fifth place, edging out youth A rider Lund and junior Ivan Sorby, with Will Curphey, Howard and Simon Harding (MVW) completing the top 10.

Ruby Oakes (JRC Interfloran RT), who will be heading to Flanders for the Gent–Wevelgem race after this Sunday’s 25-mile time trial, had plenty left in her legs for a kick at thre end, finshing 16th overall and lone female. It was only her second local road race after last year’s Fred Kelly.

Nick Corkill Memorial Handicap Road Race (55.32miles for scratch riders, 48 miles the remainder), Ellan Vannin CC, Sunday - Bride/Andreas: 1, Tyler Hannay (Mastromarco Sensi Nibali) finishing time 2hr 12min 05sec; 2, Niall Quiggin (Manx Viking Wheelers); 3, Mark Horsthuis (MVW); 4, Adam Kelly; 5, Callum Salisbury (Utmost IoM Junior Team) junior; 6, Orry Lund (Team RL360 IoM) youth A; 7, Ivan Sorby (Utmost IoM) junior; 8, William Curphey (RL360) youth A; 9, Cian Howard (RL360) youth A; 10, Simon Harding (MVW) all @ same time; 11, Richard Curphey (MVW) 2:12.31; 12, Andrew Bass (Watts Up Performance); 13, Mark Harrison (Eurocycles) at s.t.; 14, Ruby Oakes (JRC Interfloran RT) 2.12.57, junior woman; 15, Andrew Roche (Watts Up Performance); 16, Richard Fletcher (Ellan Vannin CC/IOM Cycle Tours) @ s.t.; 17, Alec Sorby (RL360) 2:16.16, youth A; 18, Michael Faid (CC IoM) 2:25.08; 19, Harry Snape (MVW) @ one lap.

DNF: Rob Sorby, Owen Collins, Tyler Annis, Sophie Smith, Florence Griffin, Lucy Mann, Owen Seal. Six of the original riders to enter were non-starters.