The Isle of Man branch of the Pony Club held a hunter trial at Ballacorey Equestrian in Andreas recently.

Perfect weather and excellent entries contributed to this being a great fun event.

It is really encouraging to see the younger members getting bolder at each cross-country competition.

Lots of the senior competitors were competing off-island so the higher classes were not as well supported this time.


Class 1, PC Cross Pole on/off lead rein 1, Dottie Pepper (Jed); 2, Oshyn John (Veejays Chocolate Soldier); 3, Emily Osborn (Cushag Fynoderee); 4, Willow Curphey (Bear).

Class 2A, PC 40 Junior 1, Molly Huxham (Conrhenny Alice Springz); 2, Isla Rousseau (Pepsi); 3, Sienna Curphey (Cushag Fynoderee); 4, Breesha Byers (Bouncer).

Class 2B, PC 40 Senior 1, Helen Goldie (Oreo).

Class 3, PC 55 Pairs 1, Emilye Saabye Katjkaer (Deliliah) and Tiger France (Laddie); 2, Harriet Bailey (Conrhenny Princess Jasmin) and Sienna Curphey (Rupbert Bear).

Class 4, PC 55 Junior 1, Hanna Crookall (Luna); 2, Tayla Griffin (Rian’s Lad); 3, Emilie Saabye Katkjaer (Deliliah); 4, Sienna Curphey (Polar Star).

Class 5, PC 55 Senior 1, Amber Fairbairn (Just James).

Class 6, PC 70 Pairs 1, Isla Granger (Lady Casino) and Emma Parsons (May I Maisie); 2, Rowan Thompson Holmstead Cheeky Sparrow) and Sirona Thompson (Brosna Mister Matt).

Class 7, PC 70 Junior 1, Hattie Pepper (Dixie); 2, Sienna Curphey (Polar Star); 3, Oliva Buttery (Puddingwood Dun-2-A-T); 4, Jemima Mylchreest (Conrhenny Quids Inn).

Class 8, PC 70 Senior 1, Tim Sowerby (Roly); 2, Tiger France (Laddie); 3, Stephanie Gardner (Tullabrick Bouncer).

Class 10, PC 80 Junior 1, Kenzie Steele (Gaulstown Delcano); 2, Jemima Mylchreest (Conrhenny Quids Inn); 3, Francesca Loader (Meadow Lark); 4, Oliva Buttery (Puddingwood Dun-2-A-T).

Class 11, PC 80 Senior 1, Claire Bagshaw (Cranmore Lad).

Class 12, PC 90 1, Freya Cowie (Call Me Russell); 2, Francesca Loader (Meadow Lark);2, Grace Wolstencroft (My Fair Lady).

Class 13, PC100 1, Lindsay Collister (Rico Spun Gold).

The Pony Club branch would like to thank the Morrey family (Robert, Catriona, Sam and Charlie) of Ballacorey Equestrian for the use of their land and their help and cooperation building the track.

Also thanks to the sponsors: Isle of Man Sport, Manx Lottery Trust, Cherry Godfrey, Milan Veterinary, Edgewater Associates, Mylchreests Motors, NFU Mutual, Acclaim Ltd, Hodgkiss Associates Kellerdale Ltd. Dam Plant, the Cryer family and the Copy Shop for providing the back numbers.

Additional thanks to the following: Jen Crennell for collecting, Dolores for tack check plus Laura Callow and Fen Hampton for judging the cross-country and Fen for stepping in to help Laura, fence judges, Emma Quirk for scoring and providing the live scoring, Peter for the excellent commentary, plus Peter Bond, Aaron and Cheryl Curphey for preparing the cross-country course.

The club extends its well wishes to Mary Callow.

Special mention also to the companies and people who helped with the new venue: Dam Plant Hire, DC Skips, Ean Parsons, Robert Lace and Mark Chatel.

The next events will be: Sunday, June 25 - rally; Saturday, July 8 - hunter trial and tetrathlon.

For further information on the Pony Club, visit