Over the summer, charity, Love Tech, in conjunction with Manx Wildlife Trust and UNESCO Biosphere has been running a Wildlife Challenge across eight of the island’s natural habitats.

The challenge, which includes a competition aimed at eight to twelve year olds, is now coming to an end, with winners being selected by representatives from each of the three organisations on Saturday, September 30.

It is the last chance to take part in the challenge, which is designed to teach children about the importance of protecting our Biosphere whilst using tech to enter the competition.

Claire Milne, Love Tech committee member, said: ‘Love Tech has organised this challenge to encourage children and families to sharpen observational skills, get outside in nature and use modern technology to help protect our island’s amazing natural habitats.

‘Love Tech would like to say a big thank you to Manx Telecom for all their support and to Manx Wildlife Trust and UNESCO Biosphere for being such brilliant partners in this, our latest Love Tech adventure.’

Graham Makepeace-Warne, engagement manager at Manx Wildlife Trust said: ‘We’re thrilled to be working with Love Tech and UNESCO Biosphere, Isle of Man, to launch this great competition to encourage young people to explore our island’s wild places and make pledges to help our wildlife thrive.’

He added: ‘Technology has become an important tool for ecologists, and we need the next generation to not only value nature but also be experts in how to best utilise technology to support our conservation goals.’

To take part, visit MWT’s website to find out about the various habitats involved in the challenge, then visit one or more of the sites.

Whilst you are there you will be able to find posters, and follow the QR codes where participants can make their pledge to help protect and nurture wildlife and nature in the island.