Best Energy Solutions Limited recently became a partner of Energy & Sustainability Centre Isle of Man (ESC). In this Q&A, ESC talks to Steve Pickett about the background to the company’s support for the Island’s leading charity supporting a transition to a low-carbon economy. And we also discover how Best Energy Solutions are at the forefront of helping domestic and business customers on their own net-zero journeys.

Q: Please explain Best Energy Solutions’ mission and vision.

A: Our mission is to help the Isle of Man reach its net-zero targets through energy efficiency and green technology by providing systems and services that will ensure a sustainable future for our Island whilst at the same time saving money for our customers. Our products are designed to meet the current and future demands of energy monitoring, management and controls that will help local businesses reduce their costs while improving the environment we live in. This is supported by a team of experts who are passionate about delivering practical, cost-effective devices and technologies to help our customers to become more energy efficient.

This has an obvious impact on helping the Island to meet its net-zero targets – but it also means businesses having more control over their energy costs. Reducing costs – and being able to have more certainty when planning budgets – are very important factors at a time when rises and falls in tariffs can be so hard to predict.

Q: How does Best Energy Solutions’ decision to become an ESC partner fit into the company’s broader sustainability objectives?

For us, being an ESC partner is simply the right thing to do because, as an energy efficiency and green technology business, we fully support ESC’s mission and vision. Our business is enabling the local community to take practical steps that in the long-term will contribute towards achieving the Island’s net-zero goals. These targets are achievable, but they will require a concerted effort from the whole community. It will mean co-operation between the public, private and third sectors to work towards shared goals – and we see ESC as having a crucial role to play in making that happen.

We also gain benefits from being an ESC partner in terms of having access to the charity’s expertise on sustainability and renewable energy. In addition, because ESC is at the centre of the debate about net-zero and climate change it means we have an additional source of information about the latest news and developments too. 

Q: What tips can you give to other IOM businesses that are starting out on their own net-zero journey, or which have started on that road but haven’t yet made as much progress as Best Energy Solutions?

Getting involved in conversations about all aspects of sustainability, and sharing ideas, is very important. In the Island’s business community, and public and third sectors, there’s a wealth of expertise about all aspects of sustainability. From experts on wildlife and the environment, through to professionals involved in recycling and green energy, we’re very lucky to live and work on an Island where there are already a lot of people who have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Of course, to achieve the Island’s net-zero goals – and to gain the benefits that a green economy could deliver – we need even more individuals and organisations to get on board.

Whether it is neighbours learning from one another when they have made their homes more energy efficient, or business execs sharing best practice on net-zero strategies, these are all useful and important conversations that can move us all a step closer to goals that will benefit everyone in the long run.

Q: How do you and your colleagues put these tips into practice?

Every day we are sharing our expertise with existing and new customers to help them make the right choices about the technology they need to be more energy efficient. Smart IoT sensors and control systems that can monitor and manage energy consumption are very user-friendly – but with so many devices and systems on the market, most businesses need expert help before deciding on what to invest in. We also practice what we preach and use this technology to make our own business energy efficient.

The great thing about our line of work is that our customers are not only contributing to cutting their carbon footprints, but they’re also investing in technology which helps their bottom line too. In our experience making a business more energy efficient is often the quickest and most effective way to increase profit margins. That’s not just our view though, it’s backed by many global brands which use technology from our network of partners. Bringing this level of technology and best practice to businesses here on the Island and seeing the benefits it delivers – as we have done with clients such as KFC IOM, Jak’s Bar & Smokehouse, Barbary Coast, Frank Matcham’s and A&J Quality Butchers – is one of the many reasons our team are so passionate about what we do. It’s also why we’re proud to support organisations such as ESC which are working towards shared goals which will ultimately benefit generations to come.


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