University College Isle of Man’s (UCM) lecturer Dr Christa McCartney has had a second chapter published in a major reference work by the academic publisher Springer Nature. 

The chapter, entitled ‘SDG Advocacy on the Isle of Man: Business vs Biosphere Perspective’, reviewed the Isle of Man’s response to the United Nation’s (UN) Social Development Goals (SDGs).

The academic publication is a commentary on the worldwide application and success of the UN SDG’s. It is in the European region volume of a four-volume series of major reference works entitled ‘Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals - Regional Perspectives’.

Previously, Dr McCartney published a chapter, also for Springer Nature, in the ‘Encyclopaedia of the UN Sustainability Goals - Partnership for the Goals’ entitled ‘Business Education as a Partnership for Sustainable Development.’

The chapter is one of 122 exploring how different types of partnerships are working towards these goals, and discusses how universities and higher education organisations who teach business, also known as business schools, work with different partners to integrate the 17 SDGs into their curriculum.

Dr McCartney explores the importance of partnerships, particularly with businesses who are successfully applying the 17 SDGs, in embedding this within students’ learning.

Dr McCartney said: 'Sustainability is a wide-ranging topic and isn’t just about our carbon footprint. The 17 SDGs include things like "No Poverty", "Zero Hunger", "Good Health and Wellbeing", "Gender Equality" and "Quality Education". They aim to transform our world and to ensure that no one is left behind.

'I find sustainability absolutely fascinating and producing these two articles has been incredibly interesting. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.'

Dr McCartney completed her doctorate in education (EdD) with a thesis on changes in business school education at the University of Liverpool in 2020.

Outside of lecturing on corporate social responsibility and supporting research students at UCM, Dr McCartney offers support to businesses on developing and implementing their sustainability initiatives, and has worked with a number of local and international organisations.