Overlooking the trials and tribulations of actually getting on and off the Isle of Man, and the devil incarnate – seagulls – it’s a privilege to live in a place surrounded by the sea. Although, taking climate change into consideration, we’re probably not in a great position in terms of those rising sea levels. So, unless you want to eventually have a seal swimming around your utility room, it’s good to be doing things to help the environment. Actually, that was a poor example. Who wouldn’t want that. Anyway, if those sea levels do rise, at least we know they’ll be lovely and clean thanks to the work being done by the team at Eyesea.

What is Eyesea,  and what role does it play in delivering a sustainable future both on and off the Isle of Man?

Eyesea is a platform focused on pollution and waste management. We empower individuals to help clean up the environment, both locally and globally. Our platform benefits individuals by providing opportunities to engage in environmental stewardship and supports communities in managing pollution. Additionally, governments and authorities benefit from the data and insights provided by our platform for informed decision-making and targeted interventions. 

Eyesea has achieved great things in recent years, tell us a little more about the journey so far. 

Our journey with Eyesea has been rewarding. We've seen growth and impact, thanks to our community and innovative approach. Together, we've cleaned up coastlines, raised awareness, and fostered environmental stewardship. Our achievements reflect the efforts of individuals, communities, and governments working together. 

Has the Isle of Man business ecosystem supported and provided a good base for Eyesea? 

The Isle of Man's business ecosystem has been supportive. We've benefited from a community and resources that enabled us to innovate and scale our initiatives. Local businesses, communities, and government agencies have played a crucial role in supporting our efforts and contributing to our success. 

What would you say to other environmental sustainability enterprises considering operating from the Isle of Man?

I’d encourage other environmental sustainability enterprises to consider operating from the Isle of Man. The island offers natural beauty, supportive communities, and a business-friendly environment. Additionally, the Isle of Man's commitment to sustainability and innovation creates opportunities for collaboration and partnership, enhancing potential impact and success. 

In 2022, Eyesea was named winner of the Environmental Initiative of the Year category in the Media Isle of Man Awards for Excellence. Has this impacted your journey? 

It was an honour for Eyesea. This recognition has boosted our visibility and credibility, opening doors to partnerships and opportunities. It’s also inspired our team and community, driving us forward in our mission to protect the environment and create a sustainable future. 

For more information and to download the app, visit eyesea.org