Hansard is a local company invested in long-term savings – of both your money and the planet. For the past two years they’ve been doing their bit to help the island reach Net-Zero for Scope 1 & 2; we learned all about it from Hansard's Sustainability Officer Emma Sayle.

What prompted Hansard to establish a Green Team back in 2022?

Hansard established its Green Team as part of a CSR initiative aimed at achieving our ambitious goal of becoming net-zero for Scope 1 & 2 by 2040. The creation of the Green Team was driven by a desire to integrate sustainability into every aspect of the company's operations, providing a platform for enthusiastic colleagues to actively participate in decision-making processes related to community initiatives, charity partnerships, and the implementation of sustainable practices across the business. 

What things as a company are you doing in-house that support the ethos of the Green Team initiative? 

Hansard supports the Green Team’s sustainability initiatives with in-house measures such as waste reduction, recycling bins, and dedicated CSR volunteer days for employees. Activities include tree planting, school volunteering, and beach cleanups. The company also promotes plant care and gifted desk plants to each of its employees, hosts lunch & learn sessions, and regularly shares newsletters on green initiatives. My recent appointment as our Sustainability Officer underscores Hansard's commitment to our sustainability efforts, emphasising environmental responsibility and a greener future.

You're doing a lot of work in the community, including supporting the Hospice Solar Panel Project - Can you tell us more about the project itself and why you wanted to help?

The idea to support the Hospice Solar Panel Project stemmed from our desire to amplify our impact as the Green Team evolved. During a brainstorming session, a team member suggested aiding a charity in its sustainability journey. The funds that charities raise goes towards supporting the work the charity does, as it should, however this doesn’t leave room to address or invest in sustainable solutions to energy consumption or look to develop a sustainability strategy or pathway.

Given Hospice's significant energy needs due to its size, we saw an opportunity to reduce their energy usage and operational costs. This would free up resources for patient care, aligning with our commitment to community support and sustainability. After proposing the solar panel installation idea to Hospice, they showed keen interest and collaborated with local company, Go Green, for an initial survey. Thanks to funding from local businesses, the project is now progressing smoothly, with solar panel installation scheduled for early summer.

You've become business partners with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, corporate partners with MWT, and partners with JA IOM - What has come from establishing these collaborations?

Establishing partnerships with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, Manx Wildlife Trust, and Junior Achievement Isle of Man has brought significant benefits to our organisation.

Internally, highlighting these partnerships has fostered a great culture of sustainability within the business. For instance, our collaboration with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man was particularly meaningful to me personally, given my prior experience with them during my degree. The pledges we've made through this partnership have served as guiding principles for decision-making within our team.

Partnerships with Manx Wildlife Trust and Junior Achievement IOM have enabled our employees to actively engage with the community through initiatives such as tree planting and volunteering in local schools. Our recent collaboration with Manx Wildlife Trust on the Island's first Carbon Credit Project has not only showcased our commitment to sustainability but has also forged valuable relationships with like-minded local businesses. These partnerships have not only enhanced our sustainability efforts but have also strengthened our ties within the community, and the broader environmental ecosystem.

What have you got in the pipeline in terms of future Green Life projects in the community? 

We are actively assessing our internal strategy to enhance our support for charities and community events both on the Island and in areas where our smaller offices operate. Our aim is to participate in and support projects like the solar panel initiative and the Manx Wildlife Trust Crossags Project, while nurturing lasting relationships with the charities we currently collaborate with. Strengthening these community ties is a key focus of my role, and we are excited about the future Green Team projects that will further our commitment to sustainability and community impact.