Fundraiser Ian Galloway this week shaved his head and beard in aid of Mannin Cancers.

Originally from Scotland, 78-year-old Ian moved to the island more than 30 years ago, and lives in Port Erin.

He has had a number of roles across various industries, but his most recent role before retirement was chief executive officer at Junior Achievement, an educational charity which helps young people develop skills for the workplace.

He was motivated to shave his head after being diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year.

His chosen charity, Mannin Cancers, raises funds for diagnostic equipment to help male cancer patients in the island.

One piece of equipment that it fund raises for is Transperineal Biopsey, which helps with the diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer.

The event, which took place at the Erin Arts centre, was well-attended, with around 40 people who went to watch and support Ian as his head was shaved.

Diane Russell-Raby, Port St Mary-based hairdresser, shaved Ian’s head.

Prior to the head shave, Ian told the audience: ‘We’re raising money so that scans [for prostate cancer] can be done on the island, and so that people don’t have to travel to the UK to find out if, or if not, they’ve got cancer.‘

Ian has so far raised more than £1,000.

Following the event, Ian said: ‘It went very well, a lot of people turned up and I got a great deal of support from the Erin Arts Centre, from the people who turned up, and from the people who contributed.

‘It was marvellous, but I am now feeling very cold.’

He will be presenting a cheque to Mannin Cancers, once all the money has been counted up.