A firefighter who has worked with the Ramsey fire station for 15 years is retiring.

Tim Pressley left his role last week and the fire station wished him the best of luck in the future and hoped he would enjoy his ‘well deserved’ retirement.

He explained that though his career as a firefighter was a relatively short one in comparison to others, he’s been ‘committed throughout that time’.

Mr Pressley said: ‘I believe that to be a good firefighter you have to be 100% dedicated and make big sacrifices, it is a lifestyle choice.

‘The more committed you are, the more you stand out and the more experience you get.

‘I have made many great friends in the fire service, and these friendships will last a lifetime.’

Asked about the most memorable incident he’s attended, he said: ‘I’ve been to so many incidents it’s hard to pick out the most memorable ones.

‘Not all incidents have a happy outcome, but I can say we have always done our best and tried our hardest to help people in their most desperate time of need.

‘I think the one specific fire which stands out as the most dramatic for me would be the one on Glen Elfin Road in Ramsey.

‘The call came in the early hours of a Sunday morning as a “house fire, persons reported”.

‘On arrival we were faced with two houses, an oil tank, shed, fence and two cars all involved in the fire.

‘It was like a raging inferno.

‘One of the houses had three people trapped in an upstairs bedroom, who were successfully rescued using ladders.

‘There was so much going on in the early stages of this incident that we were all under immense pressure.

‘I’m glad to say that everyone was rescued unharmed and the houses have long since been renovated and reoccupied.

‘I doubt many people will experience that type of pressure in their careers.

‘I’ve been to countless road traffic collisions of varying severity.

‘Although these can be tragic, they can also be very rewarding.’

He added: ‘I’m immensely proud to have been part of such an important service in my community and across the island.

‘I think the thing I’ll miss most is working right in the thick of it when it really matters.

‘I’ll miss working with such a close-knit group of friends and the banter we have between us.

‘You are always learning in this job, but passing on your knowledge is also very important.

‘I enjoy helping the newer crew members to develop their skills.

‘I promise to continue socialising with my friends and colleagues from the fire service, so they haven’t got rid of me altogether.’

Mr Pressley received a large number of well wishes on social media, many of them praising him for his great work during his time with the service.