‘The damage caused is fatal and the trees will not survive’

Thursday 21st July 2022 1:07 pm

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Vandals have attacked a number of trees some time in the last few days.

Ash and elm trees were damaged on the Barony Estate in Cornaa, Maughold.

The trees, although accessible to the general public, are on private land and are owned by the landowner.

The trees are in the early years of their life but still 40 to 60 years old.

A police spokesman said: ‘As you can see from the pictures the damage caused is fatal and the trees will not survive. It is also mindless vandalism for which there seems to be no purpose.

‘This is a big loss to the local environment due to the scarcity of elms trees due to Dutch elm disease the trees have been susceptible to recently.

‘In addition to this, and rather worryingly, it appears that a fire has been started in the vicinity.

‘Due to the recent heatwave it is very dry out there and fires will catch and spread quickly, causing immeasurable damage to the environment.

‘Our colleagues in the fire and rescue service have had to deal with several wild fires over the last week and have issued guidance to avoid these.

‘If anyone has any information which may lead to the identity of the offenders call Ramsey police station on 812234 quoting reference 97/33422/22.’

Elms and ashes are both being killed by disease.

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