Three prisoners, who have been serving sentences in the UK but were convicted in the Isle of Man, have returned to the island.

Home Affairs Minister Graham Cregeen confirmed the transfer of the prisoners this evening.

The move will ensure that any future parole arrangements for the prisoners will be conducted through the Isle of Man Parole Committee, allowing a more informed evaluation and understanding of the impact parole may have on victims, families and the wider community.

Mr Cregeen has not yet confirmed the names of the prisoners, but a statement from the DHA said they are ’classified as category B or below’.

The Minister said: ’I appreciate that the return of these prisoners to the island may be unsettling for the community.

’Planning has been ongoing for this move for some time, but was paused during the Covid pandemic.

’We are ever conscious of the victims and their families and the impact that decisions of this nature may have.

’We have worked to ensure, as best we can, that the victims or their loved ones affected by this decision have been informed.

’I think it is appropriate that the Isle of Man authorities are in the position to help inform any future decisions regarding potential parole to factor in the concerns of victims, their families and the wider community.’

Isle of Man Newspapers has asked the Department of Home Affairs to confirm the names of the prisoners who have been transferred here.

A petition has been circulating online in recent days about double murderer Peter Newbery, however if he is one of the prisoners, has not been confirmed.

All new arrivals at the prison, including these three prisoners, are subject to 14 days self-isolation away from the general prison population.