The number of places where air quality is regularly monitored on the Isle of Man is being significantly increased as part of a two-year trial.

The project will see the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) install recording devices in 60 locations across the island.

Until now the department has recorded at 19 sites, all in and around the capital.

The move follows the Isle of Man Government’s commitment to review its approach to ensuring clean air, watercourses and bathing water in the Island Plan.

Air quality monitoring refers to continuous measurement of specific air pollutants caused by people through the vehicles they drive and the buildings they live in.

The trial will see small diffusion tubes installed on lamp posts at each location, including close proximity to all schools, to monitor for nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and particulates in the air.

The data will be published each month on, starting this month, and over time will help DEFA quantify the air quality across the island.

Dr Michelle Haywood, political member for Environment and Regulation, said: ‘Ensuring the Isle of Man has an environment to be proud of is a Government priority that aligns with our UNESCO biosphere status.

‘Our environment is far more than just protection of the landscape. We live and breathe our environment every day, so this trial will give us more data to work with.’