Post will no longer be flown to the Isle of Man.

Royal Mail, a UK body, recently implemented changes which means it no longer required to deliver next-day mail between the UK and the Isle of Man. It will only send post by ferry now.

A spokesperson from the Isle of Man Post Office, a different organisation, said that feedback from over 3,700 respondents in the island indicated that a delivery window of two-plus days for UK standard mail was deemed reasonable. Among 115 business respondents, 79% considered a delivery time of two days or more for UK standard mail as reasonable.

Simon Kneen, the chief executive of the IoMPO, said: ‘Our research demonstrated that the vast majority of our customers would not be affected by the transition from aircraft to ferry, and therefore our primary focus was to find solutions for those who might be more impacted by the change.

‘Aligned with Isle of Man Government’s net-zero aspirations, the shift from aircraft to the existing ferry and road freight systems was projected to reduce CO2 emissions by over 600 tonnes annually.’