Yet another would-be lawmaker has come forward as a candidate for Legislative Council

Three nominations have been announced today.

The latest is David Prictor, who was nominated by Claire Christian MHK, seconded by John Wannenburgh MHK and supported by Rob Callister MHK and Michelle Haywood MHK.

Mr Prictor is a qualified electrician who founded his own electrical contractor company, and has lectured in electrical engineering at Gloucester College of Technology. He moved into IT where he remained for 30 years.

It means there are now 11 candidates for the four vacant seats.

Three of the incumbent members want to keep their seats.

MHKs vote for Members of the Legislative Council.

Although MHKs nominate, second and support some candidates when they put their hats into the ring, they are not bound to vote for them when it comes to the vote itself.

What does Legislative Council do? Click here to read more.

In the not-too-distant past, Members of the Legislative Council tended to be former MHKs, who were moved on to LegCo, almost as tribal elders.

However, this has changed in the past 15 years or so.

None of the current candidates has Keys experience. Some barely leave a Google trail, so questions must be raised about their contribution to civic life so far and experience in the public domain.

After all, they do hope to be entrusted as lawmakers.

Former MHK, Peter Karran, who publicly stated he wanted to join Legislative Council, is not on the list of nominees. There is still time. Nominations close on February 24.

The other candidates are:

Diane Kelsey (sitting candidate)

Tanya August-Hanson (sitting candidate)

Paul Craine (sitting candidate)

Kirrie Anne Jenkins

Conor Keenan

Dawn Kinnish

Peter Reid

Marie Birtles

Gary Clueit

Brian Brumby