Douglas North MHK David Ashford has said that extra bin capacity for some Douglas households does not resolve the issue caused by a change to fortnightly waste collection.

This comes after a recent public meeting revealed that 107 households have been provided extra bin capacity in recent months.

The local authority urged residents with genuine concerns to get in touch and received a total of 164 requests for an assessment, that is out of a total of 12,000 households.

The authority has also extended its green waste service from February to November this year, and has reported that recycling rates have trebled.

It says that the overall initiative is designed to encourage responsible waste management, minimising the environmental impact of the waste the borough generates.

Douglas councillor Falk Horning has said that the decision to give extra bin capacity was so everyone can live with the scheme.

Mr Horning says the council has only given residents with a ‘genuine’ need the extra capacity.

Yet this does not ease Mr Ashford’s concerns.

He said: ‘This doesn’t resolve the issues as some don’t have space for the extra capacity.

‘Those flats who already have reduced capacity compared to households are struggling.

‘Many of the flat bin stores were designed around weekly collections.

‘Also many people feel it is insulting that they have to undergo an “assessment” to get the services they need and pay for. No other local authority does this.

‘One resident commented that they feel the council is treating them like naughty children needing to be educated.’

Mr Ashford mentioned that since the council changed the bin collection schedule he has had correspondence from more than 150 constituents distressed or angry about the situation.

He added: ‘Some of those who are struggling the most are those who are actually recycling.

‘They have full recycling boxes but nowhere to store additional tubs. Their reduction in bin capacity is having an effect, but an additional bin won’t help as for those with small rear yards, having somewhere to store that is a problem as well.

‘There are people who on principle will not undertake audits as they believe it’s an invasion of their personal life.

‘The main comments I get back from households still today is “what right does the council think they have to dictate how people live their lives” and “the council is supposed to be working for the people of Douglas not the other way round”.

‘There are large numbers of people I know who are still having to make weekly trips to the amenity site with their waste.’

He added: ‘I was on the council when the recycling scheme came in and it was never intended to replace the weekly waste collection it was actually designed to be complimentary to a weekly collection.’