Manx Utilities is set to upgrade the water infrastructure within Ballakilpheric Road in Colby.

A new water main will be installed from the Colby main road to the junction at Lyngague as part of Manx Utilities water main refurbishment programme.

This £450,000 scheme is to commence in late November 2023 and is estimated to take 26 weeks (six months).

The existing distribution main along Ballakilpheric Road was originally laid in 1968 and has been described as 'at the end of its asset life'.

A spokesperson from Manx Utilities said: 'The water main is becoming increasingly unreliable and replacement is required to ensure Manx Utilities delivers a reliable service to residents along the route and to remove the need for regular remediation of bursts.

'The opportunity will also allow for sewer condition investigations to be undertaken along with works to address any defects required, in addition to the replacement of manhole chambers and covers.'

A road closure will be required to allow contractors to work on the narrow road, and this will operate on a 'rolling closure' basis to ensure access to properties is maintained from one side of the active work area.

Manx Utilities say it is 'appreciative of residents and businesses for their cooperation whilst this work is undertaken'.