Fires and barbecues are banned in the Ayres National Nature Reserve after a gorse fire broke out there on Sunday afternoon.

A government spokesperson said: 'On August 20, a gorse fire broke out at 12.30pm, prompting the immediate response of the police and fire service.

'Investigation revealed that the fire was ignited by the improper disposal of a disposable barbecue on-site.

The barbecue that caused the fire
The barbecue that caused the fire (Isle of Man Government)

'This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the fire hazard present in the area, where dry and highly flammable habitats are prevalent.

'To prevent further damage to the fragile ecosystem, a ban on fires and barbecues was instituted under this year's updated byelaws:

'We kindly request all visitors to respect and adhere to these byelaws.

'We are fortunate that this incident did not escalate further across the site. Let's work together to protect and preserve Ayres National Nature Reserve's unique natural beauty.'