Manx watchdog group TravelWatch has closed down.

Founded in 2007, the organisation has dealt with passenger issues arising from air, sea and on island and gave help and advice wherever possible on how to get to and from the island and travel within it.

It cited declining numbers and increasing age of its activists as the main reason for its closure.

TravelWatch said in a statement: ‘TravelWatch regrets to announce that is has closed down as an organisation. It’s closing for several reasons.

‘Progress has been made on passenger issues but our activists are declining in numbers and increasing in age.

‘The complications of running a charity under new regulations is very burdensome on a small organisation.

‘The recent threatened charges to be levied by the Isle of Man Bank are excessive.’

It recapped on its successes since it was established, saying: ‘Much has been achieved – perhaps the most important being raising awareness of issues that impact on passengers.

‘TravelWatch is very grateful for the numerous individuals and organisations that have assisted with and contributed to our work over the last 15 years.’

The organisation has transferred all of its remaining funds to Manx Citizens Advice, a charity that provides free impartial advice to people for the problems they face, as part of the dissolution process.