An on-island flour milling facility is central to the island’s food security, says Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, Clare Barber.

She said that the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture’s Food Security Plan, which was initially due in the first quarter of this year and was then set to be published in October, is currently being finalised.

The future of Laxey Glen Mill will be determined in the plan.

She said: ‘Whilst the plan remains subject to finalisation and approval, a central focus for food security on our island will be on increasing Manx food production.

‘Food security on our island is intrinsically tied to the availability of locally sourced products.

‘Promoting the cultivation and production of food and our own shores is not only a sustainable choice, but also a crucial step in ensuring a steady and reliable food supply.

‘Having an on island milling facility undoubtedly supports both actual and perceived food security.

‘Therefore, I continue to believe that having on-island flour milling will play a pivotal role in our food security plan, contributing significantly to our islands self sufficiency and resilience.’

But whether this will continue at Laxey Glen Mill is uncertain.

The mill, which has been in government ownership since 1974, uses only locally grown milling wheat.

Since the closure of Ramsey Bakery in April last year, the Laxey Glen Mills has had more wheat available to it, than orders made to it for flour. Earlier this year it had 900 tonnes of wheat available to it.