The new statue of the Bee Gees on Loch Promenade, Douglas, will be missing for a few weeks later this month.

The bronze tribute to the Manx-born Gibb brothers Barry, Maurice, and Robin, which was installed last July, will be removed on Thursday (June 23) and shipped to Liverpool to allow for some additional fixings to be fitted.

Council leader Claire Wells said: ‘A recent inspection has shown that there is more movement at the base than the artist had anticipated, so its removal is to add some additional fixings, which will be “invisible” once the statue is back in place.’

She continued: ‘The Bee Gees will be removed by the foundry that cast them and this is being done at no cost to the council.

‘Once the work is completed, they will be back in place in time for the return of the carnival celebrations [on July 23].’

The statues came at an original cost of £170,000, which then-council leader David Christian said was met by the council out of capital receipts, namely part of the money received from the sale of the Strathallan horse tram stables.