A swarm of bees has had to be removed from the site of the Laxey Wheel.

Manx National Heritage says the swarm made a temporary home in a patch of gorse next to the wheel’s turnstile on Friday.

Local beekeeper Calum McKinley was called in to collect the bee swarm, which he safely relocated to a new home.

Marcus Thornton, visitor services manager for Manx National Heritage, said: ‘From time to time, we experience the dramatic sight of thousands of honey bees swarming in a large noisy cloud including Laxey Wheel and The Grove, where honey bees are part of the visitor experience on site.

‘Most swarms are not aggressive but it is sensible to keep away and leave them alone to avoid a nasty sting.

‘They normally settle into a cluster within quarter of an hour.

‘Fortunately, Friday’s swarm settled on a gorse bush and didn’t stop the Great Laxey Wheel turning, with visitors still able to access the waterwheel from the side gate.’