Matty Simpson, a Manx contestant on this year's ITV series of Big Brother, has claimed he wanted to 'quit the show three times', but that producers talked him out of it.

The 24 year old doctor, who now lives in Dublin, finished in sixth place on the show which concluded on Friday, November 17.

Matty claims he was pushed to breaking point a few times, as he struggled with what he claimed were 'mean girls' in the house.

Matty was also involved in what Big Brother fans claimed was a 'love triangle' in the house with fellow contestants Jordan and Henry - a situation which he claims 'worn him out'.

He commented: 'I wanted to quit a good few times when it felt like there was a mean girl group developing at the start and I felt like "I'm over this, I'm going to walk".

'And I was getting to breaking point with Jordan and it was hot and cold every two days. It was just really wearing me down.

'On the day we received letters from home, I was ready to walk then. But I quickly got evicted after that, so it all worked out.'

Matty says he reached out to welfare during this time and production helped support him, ultimately leading to him changing his mind and continuing with the show.

He continued: 'I wouldn't have been able to do this show without the production - this is the first show I've ever been on but it honestly feels incredible.

'You feel so supported, whenever you're feeling down, the welfare team really looks after you. People actually care about you instead of just doing their job and getting paid for it - you can really feel that.

'And I think that goes to show with no one walking or leaving the house when people usually people do.'

Matty opened up about his relationship with fellow contestant Jordan, which often left him confused and took a 'toll on his mental health'.

He explained: "It did take a toll, because we were friends in the house and hung out in the same friendship group, so we were together sitting in the same group for maybe eight hours a day at least, so it did take a toll on my mood.

'I was low at points because of it and I'm a very sensitive person, so any sort of mean comment can really affect me. But the thing that kept me going was the understanding of where I was coming from. He wasn't doing this because he's a mean or malicious person. He was doing it just as a coping mechanism to protect his romantic feelings.

'I think he had feelings towards me that weren't reciprocated and we just tried to navigate that in the situation of being in the same friend group, in a house where we just can't leave and cool off.'

Matty - who previously spoke about being in an open relationship with boyfriend Connor - also opened up about his partner's reaction to the supposed 'love triangle' since leaving the house.

He said: 'We were reunited on the "Late and Live" show, so it was really nice. He was really proud of me and supports me 100 per cent. He thought it [the love triangle] was funny, he could see it for what it was, just something that was blown out of proportion.

'I wasn't attracted to Jordan in that way, I was only attracted to him in a friendship sense. I thought he was funny, very dry, I'd never met anyone like him before. He's a very unique person but not in a romantic sense.'