The island’s birth rate has fallen steadily ever year over the past decade.

Figures released by the Manx government show that the number of births has reached a 10 year low.

In 2022, there were 902 deaths on the island, compared to just 586 births. The number of births has been on a gradual decline over the last 10 years, while the number of deaths has risen from around 800 in 2013.

There has been a natural decline in the island’s population in every year since 2015, with immigration driving any population growth in that time.


This is one of the most striking statistics from the latest edition of Isle of Man in Numbers, which provides 76 pages of data on all aspects of island life, ranging from average house prices to number of passports issued.

It reveals that the average house price in the Isle of Man in 2022 was £386,955, up more than £100,000 in four years.

Among other fascinating facts is that the face value of currency and notes in circulation in the island was last recorded as being £101,112,000, whilst there were 1,471 new immigration applications received and 1,701 new work permits issued, up on a figure of just over 1,000 the previous year.

Some 3,037 driving tests were taken during the year and there were 87 church weddings, 258 civil weddings and eight civil partnerships registered, the document shows.

Of the total resident population of 84,069, 49.6% were born in the island and 38.2% born in the UK.

Some of the results of the 2023 edition continue to show life in the island returning to normal after the impact of the Coronavirus, with numerous areas returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Unemployment fell sharply in 2021 and continued at pre-Covid levels throughout 2022, whilst the number of new work permits issued, the number of passports issued and the number of wedding ceremonies taking place all increased in 2022.

The rate of inflation continues to cause challenges within society, with the Consumer Price Index ending 2022 at 7.4%, whilst the average house price also increased throughout the year.

Elsewhere, the numbers of ships and the number of aircraft registered in the Isle of Man both decreased in 2022.

The annual report is available on the Statistics Isle of Man website, and covers areas of public interest such as the economy, government income and expenditure, our society and the environment and infrastructure.

Data is gathered from a variety of sources including the Census, earnings survey, as well as government departments, boards and offices.