Brownies have buried two time capsules on Douglas Head and can look forward to seeing the treasures they’ve hidden being uncovered in years to come.

The 6th Douglas Brownies, aged seven to 10, gathered together to place their artwork, photos of family, Girl Guide badges and other personal items in the two boxes.

The boxes were then buried near the poppy memorial with the help of deputy mayor of Douglas Ian Clague and deputy mayoress Sue Clague on Tuesday (March 2).

One capsule will be uncovered in a year’s time and the other in 10 years’ time.

Natasha Beaumont, a Brownie leader, said: ’We have a new programme in Girl Guides with new badges across the organisation.

’The girls are working on their "archaeology interest" badge, which led us to doing the time capsules.

’It was interesting seeing them put something in the capsules because some of them had a bit of trouble with the separation point of view.’

The Brownies in the future will be given co-ordinates to find the time capsules and discover what life was like for former members who were once their age.

Natasha added that it will be eye-opening for the Brownies in 10 years to look at the badges buried and see how they compare to their modern ones. In 10 years’ time we would like to be there when the time capsules are dug up and bring along some of the girls who buried them to see what they are doing in life,’ she continued.

During the event, some of the Brownies made their ’promises’, which is when they formally enter the organisation.

’Mr Clague said how it was great to see this and to see how children overall develop in the Isle of Man,’ she continued. For more information on Girl Guides, search: