Bushy’s brewery has been sold.

An island-based couple has bought the Santon-based business.

Its founder and the man who used to own it, Martin Brunnschweiler, who will continue to work for the company, told Manx Radio: ‘We’re hoping to be able to go for more exports off the island and new packaging.

‘Certainly the tastes and flavours of the existing beers won’t be changing.

‘It has been acquired with a view to maintaining everything that’s gone before but with a view to expanding.’

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Bushy’s began life in the 1980s as a microbrewery based in a pub on Victoria Street, Douglas.

It expanded and provided beer to venues across the Isle of Man.

After the pub shut in 2000, it operated a beer tent on the Bottleneck car park on Loch Promenade during the TT,

When the Hooded Ram outbid Bushy’s for that site, it moved to the Villa Marina gardens in 2018. There it developed into a much bigger enterprise.