Manx business Paula’s Kitchen, popular for its artisan health foods, has announced it will be closing due to ‘global financial pressures’.

Founder Paula Garland took to social media to announce that the last day of business will be Friday.

She told the Manx Independent: ‘We’re really humbled by all the comments and support.

‘We’re totally overwhelmed by the feedback we’ve had on our post. There hasn’t been one negative.

‘Usually when you put it on social media you might get a negative comment about it but every comment has been very supportive and encouraging, and just wishing us all the best.

‘It makes a really tough decision a little bit easier when you get feedback and encouragement like that and it’s not negative at all. It’s been very positive.’

She added: ‘It is a decision made on pressures and, rather than it go the other way in business, we just wanted to go out on a good note and close the business on our terms.

‘We’re very proud and we have had support from government and DEFA, so we’re not saying the blame lies with anyone at all, it’s completely our decision. Everyone’s been great.’

The business, which has been running for six years, was known for its granolas, raw energy balls, brownies and flapjacks.

Mrs Garland explained that, naturally, Paula’s Kitchen began in her kitchen.

‘It started from literally baking in my own home in Laxey to having a unit in Douglas and supplying a lot of the stores on the island,’ she said.

‘It’s just about believing in the product because I did make it out of enjoying health foods myself and making it for my family.

‘I wouldn’t make anything that we wouldn’t eat or enjoy ourselves.

‘The Manx public took to it as well and enjoyed our products.’

The family business owner said: ‘We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved, myself and my husband, he’s in the background all the time helping me and guiding me.

‘It hasn’t just been me. My husband and my family have been really supportive.

‘We have been very lucky. There’s been a lot of businesses that haven’t survived six years but there’s obviously ones that have gone on a lot longer.

‘I think that six years, for us, was the right time.

‘I’ll make a bit more at home now, I’ll have a bit more time.’

Paula’s Kitchen has had support from local businesses since it started, such as EVF and Robinson’s.

Mrs Garland added: ‘The small independents too.

‘The Good Health Store in Port Erin, they were our first retail outlet, so we’ve had amazing support from local suppliers and also the general public.’

In its post online, the business said: ‘We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing stockists, suppliers and customers who have supported us throughout.

‘We have made some amazing memories.’