A cafe and ice cream parlour has hit back at online criticism about its opening hours – blaming staff shortages, temporary vendors and a lack of communication from touring groups.

The owner of Scoops in Port Erin responded after his business was slammed for its opening times and explained the reasons for their seasonal operations.

Shri Naik said: ‘We know how amazing Port Erin is especially when it gets the sun, it’s the best day ever on the island but still we have to close and there are reasons for this.

‘For the last couple of years everywhere on the island there is a shortage of catering and hospitality team members and we are in the same boat as the others.’

The post went on to list some of the reasons behind their earlier closure this year including the licence to trade on Port Erin promenade given to ice cream and cafe vans this summer season.

Mr Naik said he was told these licences were given due to his shop’s opening hours but questioned why the temporary vendors weren’t operation now after Scoops seasonal closure.

He said: ‘Why is it that only we are targeted?

‘People questioning why Scoops is closed. Why aren’t you questioning the ice cream van which turns up only on Port Erin day and parks beside the bouncy castle to come and stay open on the promenade mid week?’

The shop has been run by Mr Naik since 2014. He says that his first two years with Scoops taught him that it would have to be a seasonal operation due to high overheads.

One reason for the cafe’s closures stated in the post was staff shortages, Mr Naik explained one of the reasons behind this was due to a struggle to take advantage of the government’s seasonal worker migrant visa scheme.

Having applied for a visa for a worker in May, Mr Naik says they still have not received it after 14 weeks of waiting and that the immigration office in the island explained that they could not help as the application is now with the UK immigration services.

The government’s website tells applicants that ‘a decision will be made within three weeks which will then be relayed to you via the UK Visas and Immigration service’.

The social media post also saw Mr Naik share the takings for Scoops on two recent dates to give financial context behind the decision to close for the season early, he said that on September 7 the cafe took in £141.10 and on September 8 the take was £146.90.

He said: ‘These takings don’t cover the overheads including staffing, utilities etc. Sorry but the business is only operating when it makes money, when it loses money continuously it will eventually fold.

‘I am not ready to close my business and would like to open next season.

‘I’m hoping I will get a good set of team members and we will be able to open longer during the season.’

Mr Naik added: ‘Happy to take positive criticism but I can’t and won’t let my business run into a loss which will eventually lead it to close.’