An MHK is calling for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) to reconsider upping the rent of a cafe that shut recently.

The Little Shed at Dhoon Glen in Maughold, revealed online last weekend that it will not be renewing its lease amid ‘spiralling costs’.

Dhoon Kiosk, which sits beside a stretch of the Manx Electric Railway, is owned by DEFA and managed on its behalf by the Department of Infrastructure (DoI).

While the rent is received by DEFA, it is set by the government valuer, who works for treasury and follows financial regulations.

A statement from the Dhoon business, which opened in 2020 by the team behind its parent cafe, The Shed, in Laxey, said that ‘a rent increase along with lease terms which we would find difficult to work with has sealed the decision for us’.

Following the news of its closure, Garff MHK Daphne Caine publicly asked DEFA to reconsider the terms of the rent.

Her post on X (formerly known as Twitter) said: ‘Little Shed has revitalised Dhoon Halt and their special events sold out within hours.

‘Surely agreement could be reached on terms to maximise benefits for the Department of Infrastructure and for visitors?

‘It’s very shortsighted to cancel so close to railway season starting.’

Since then, Mrs Caine said to the Manx Independent: ‘I haven’t had chance to speak to the relevant Ministers about this yet.

‘I have heard from The Shed proprietors and, sadly, having made the decision to close I don’t think they want to renegotiate.

‘My concern now is that a similar, high-quality offering does take up the lease so visitors and residents can continue to enjoy hospitality and special events at the Dhoon.’

Staff working at the site will join the existing teams working at The Shed and the Gelato Shed, both in Laxey, according to the statement issued by the business on Sunday.

The full statement read: ‘After three lovely years at Dhoon Glen, we have made the decision not to renew our lease.

‘It’s been a head and heart dilemma for us as we love the place but we haven’t been immune from the spiralling costs our industry has faced.

‘It’s been heartbreaking to see how badly this has affected hospitality businesses on the island.’

‘We’ve enjoyed some amazing events, which we hope to continue in some guise or another at The Shed in 2024 and onwards, so keep an eye out.

‘Our wonderful little team will now join us at The Shed and The Gelato Shed.

‘We’d like to thank them for their incredible hard work and for falling in love with Little Shed as much as we did.

‘They’re simply ace’.

Wholesalers Robinson’s Fresh Foods was one of many local businesses to react with sadness at the news of its closure, saying owners Bev and Richard Clegg ‘work so hard to offer such a great experience for not only islanders but also tourists’ .