One of the NSC’s new flumes, which has been broken since December, is still not working with the government unable to say when it will be.

Castletown, Arbory and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse asked if the flumes will be ready for the Easter holidays.

Department of Education, Sport and Culture Minister Julie Edge she was ‘hopeful’ that the broken flume would be back up and running soon, but could not give a date.

A total of £5,622,210 has been spent on refurbishing the NSC since 2016.

This figure was provided by Ms Edge in response to a question from Mr Moorhouse.

It is accounted for by £621,622 in 2016-17, £770,496 in 2017-18, £2,818,106 in 2018-19, £1,011,958 in 2019-20, £205,337 in 2020-21 and £194,691 so far in 2022.

Mr Moorhouse then asked why investment at the NSC had been so high, particularly compared to the expenditure on regional pools.

Ms Edge pointed out that £4.6 million of this had been part of the capital scheme for the refurbishment of the NSC, which was supported by Tynwald, adding that this will be ‘beneficial to the island for the next 20 years’.

A full review of all island pools will also be taking place this year, she said.