Chief Minister Alfred Cannan has explained his statement on legislation regarding industrial action.

In Tynwald yesterday, Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK,Jason Moorhouse, asked him what action has been taken to introduce legislation to prevent industrial action in schools.

This comes after a comment that Mr Cannan made in an interview on Manx Radio, where he was talking about the strikes by NASUWT, one of the island’s teaching unions, over pay and working conditions.

In the interview, which took place last month, Mr Cannan said: ‘We have made so may steps forward, that it is just not reasonable from the NASUWT at the moment to adopt the position that they are.

‘Frankly, if we are going to continue on with this persistent, damaging one, two day disruptive work-to-rule type environment, then the government is going to have to consider what legislation is going to be necessary to protect the future education of our children.’

In this week’s Tynwald sitting, Mr Cannan responded to Mr Moorhouse’s question with: ‘To date, no action has been taken to prevent industrial action.’


Mr Cannan was further questioned by Mr Moorhouse on his interview with Manx Radio.

Mr Cannan responded: ‘I didn’t say anything about preventing industrial action, I simply said that it is time that we reflected on our legislation.

He added: ‘There have been a number of moves in the UK regarding this, and it has been a considerable amount of time since we last looked into it in the Isle of Man.

‘Workers’ rights need to be protected, but we need to have the right balance, however this is not a priority.’

He concluded: ‘I am not making a commitment to introduce anything, I am merely looking for this to be reviewed.’