The Chief Minister Alfred Cannan attended the Conservative party conference last week with the Deputy Chief Minister Jane Poole-Wilson in Manchester.

Mr Cannan and Mrs Poole-Wilson met with a number of MPs and UK ministers (including the Lord Chancellor Alex Chalk), where a range of issues were discussed such as the island’s economy and the priorities of the Isle of Man Government.

The Chief Minister said: 'Attending the autumn conference in Manchester provides an excellent opportunity to meet with key influencers face-to-face and raise the profile of the island and its positive contribution to the UK and wider global community.

'The relationship and political dynamics with Westminster have shifted post-Brexit and it is vital that the Isle of Man continues to promote positive dialogue with our friends and colleagues in the UK.'

During the conference, the Isle of Man delegation attended a number of events relevant to UK free trade agreements, the 'northern powerhouse' and the future of housing policy.

Mr Cannan and Mrs Poole-Wilson also met with representatives from Jersey and Guernsey, discussing trade and international issues.

A government delegation, which includes treasury minister Dr Alex Allinson, are also attending the Labour party conference in Liverpool which started on Sunday, October 8.