361 years after his execution at Hango Hill, the annual commemoration of Illiam Dhone will take place today at 2pm.

William Christian, known in Manx as Illiam Dhone, was a significant figure in the Isle of Man during the English Civil War and the Manx Rebellion of 1651.

He was executed for high treason at Hango Hill in 1663. In the centuries after his death he has become a 'martyr and folk-hero, a symbol of the Island's cherished freedoms and traditional rights'.

The annual tradition has been held on January 2 at the site near Castletown since 1979, where he was killed and near to his former home at Ronaldsway.

However this year the event was originally cancelled as usual organisers Mec Vannin and Mannin Branch of the Celtic League said they had 'nobody available to organise a commemoration'.

Following the social media post informing the public that there's nobody to arrange the event, members of the community have rallied together to keep this ancient tradition going.

It will now take place at 2pm today (Tuesday), followed by a session at The Sidings pub in Castletown.