Courtenay Heading has appeared in court charged with stalking a doctor.

The 66-year-old is accused of sending 300 unwanted emails to the doctor since 2018 as well as posting continuous harassment on Twitter.

He is charged with stalking under the Harassment Act.

In court, Mr Heading said he wanted to be addressed as ‘Courtenay’, and refused to enter a plea, so High Bailiff Jayne Hughes entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

A pre-trial review will now take place on September 26 when a trial date will be set.

Mr Heading, who lives at Richmond Road, Ramsey, entered the court and said he was attending by ‘special appearance’ and appearing ‘under duress’. He claimed that he had a copy of the Harassment Act and that there was no section 2A which he was said to be charged under.

However, he was told that there was a section 2A, and a copy of this would be given to him.

Mr Heading said he then wanted to have a trial by jury under the 1736 Act.

When asked to enter a plea he said: ‘It’s a baseless charge. It’s trying to secure something far bigger than this court can handle.’

The court heard that Mr Heading is alleged to have sent 300 e-mails to the doctor since 2018.

In November 2022, it was said that he was spoken to by the police and asked to stop sending the emails.

However, he is then alleged to have sent a further 22 e-mails and continued to make statements on Twitter.

The statements on Twitter are alleged to have included ones saying that Noble’s had been ‘overwhelmed’ due to the vaccine, that Abbotswood care home was ‘part of a narrative’ aimed at pushing the vaccine, and ‘by May this year the world will be a very different place’.

There are also alleged to have been derogatory statements posted about the doctor.

The alleged victim said that they had altered their journeys to avoid Mr Heading and now didn’t go to Ramsey, such was the impact of his ‘false reports’.

He was arrested in May and was said to have handed in a ‘largely irrelevant’ prepared statement.

In court, Mr Heading repeated his claim that 20 people had been ‘murdered’ at Abbotswood.

He said: ‘You can’t take away my rights. I want a jury. I’ll supply you with evidence that will make you weep if you are jabbed.’

The prosecution submitted that there was no requirement for a jury as the summary court was an open court.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes agreed and the pre-trial review, and any subsequent trial, will take place in summary court.

Bail was granted in the sum of £500.

As Mr Heading left he said: ‘The biggest crime in Manx history will be exposed. Criminal. This will come out. Good day.’