A 66-year-old man this week appeared in court charged with threatening behaviour.

Courtenay Adam Heading refused to enter a plea to the charge or acknowledge his name, only saying: ‘I am Courtenay.’

Mr Heading initially refused to enter the dock and tried to approach High Bailiff Jayne Hughes to hand her what he said was a notarized document and said: ‘Do you have the motion to dismiss?’

He was stopped by security staff but continued to refuse to enter the dock saying: ‘I am here by special appearance.

‘I am here under duress. Do not touch me. Do not escort me.

‘You are now causing criminal harm. This is a private bar matter.’

He was again asked by the High Bailiff if he was ‘Courtenay Heading’ but replied: ‘I am the CEO for the name.

‘I am Courtenay of Margaret Eileen and John Henry

‘This is a private bar matter. Don’t touch me.’

Mrs Hughes then ordered that Mr Heading, who lives at Richmond Road, Ramsey, be taken into custody and brought back up later.

After a short adjournment, he was brought back to the dock but continued to say: ‘I am the CEO for the name. What is your capacity? I am Courtenay.’

The High Bailiff put the threatening behaviour charge, which is alleged to have been committed in Parliament Street in Ramsey on June 16, to him but he replied: ‘We haven’t established status or your capacity.

‘The 12 presumptions of law do not apply.’

Mrs Hughes entered a not guilty plea on Mr Heading’s behalf and a pre-trial review will be held in summary court on August 22, when a trial date will be set.

Mr Heading would then not leave the dock, saying: ‘My motion to dismiss stands. You have no authority.

‘I’m leaving now. This is a private bar matter. Don’t touch me.

‘I will go with my friend.’

Bail was granted in the sum of £500.