A 45-year-old man who punched a doorman in the groin outside Jaks has been sentenced to 180 hours community service.

Martin John Lewis Cairney admitted common assault and was also ordered to pay the security man £500 compensation.

We previously reported that police were called to Granville Street in Douglas on November 19 at 12.40am, after a report that Cairney had assaulted a member of security staff from the Loch Promenade night spot.

Staff told police that Cairney, who lives at Cronk y Berry View, had been escorted out after an incident inside the bar.

However, as he was being taken down steps at the Granville Street exit, he hit out with a closed fist, striking one of the doormen in the groin area.

This resulted in Cairney being restrained on the ground.

He was arrested and taken to police headquarters where he answered ‘no comment’ during a police interview.

The court heard that there had been no lasting injury caused.

Cairney initially pleaded not guilty to common assault and resisting arrest, but then changed his plea to guilty to the assault charge, while the resisting arrest was dismissed.

Defence advocate Jim Travers said that his client had said that the punch had not struck the victim’s privates but had landed in the groin area.

Mr Travers handed in letters of reference for his client and said that, prior to the incident, he had not been in any trouble for 17 years.

The advocate said that it had been a brief single blow.

‘I suggest this was something of a petulant strike by a man disappointed to be ejected from the premises,’ said Mr Travers.

‘His recollection is not the best but he is remorseful for it.

‘He has written an apology and it is hoped that could be passed on.’

The advocate went on to say that Cairney had been on a festive night out with work colleagues which had not only ended with him losing his liberty for the night, but also his job with the bank he was working at.

Mr Travers said that his client was also Pava sprayed twice by the police.

‘It was a terrible night out,’ said the advocate.

‘His conduct since has been entirely credit worthy. He has attended Motiv8 and also gained employment as a groundworker for a construction company and is doing a tiling course.

‘He is working to resurrect himself.

‘It was a rare night out and he has no intention of embarking on such drinking activity in the future.’

Mr Travers went on to say that if Cairney, who lives at Cronk y Berry View in Douglas, was sent to prison he may lose his new employment and his home.

A probation report assessed Cairney as a low risk of reoffending and of harm to others.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes told the defendant: ‘Any assault on a security officer is considered to be serious.

‘This is however at the bottom end of seriousness.’

Cairney was also ordered to pay £300 prosecution costs due to his initial not guilty plea.

He will pay the costs and compensation at a rate of £100 per month.