A 49-year-old man who punched a doorman at Jaks bar has been fined £1,100.

Hristo Georgiev Stoyanov admitted common assault and disorderly behaviour on licensed premises.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood also banned him from entering licensed premises, and buying or being sold alcohol for six months.

Prosecuting advocate Rebecca Cubbon told the court that security were called to the bar area in Jaks on Loch Promenade, August 20, at 12.30am.

Bar staff reported that Stoyanov was acting aggressively towards them and also barging other customers.

Security staff took hold of him to remove him, but Stoyanov grabbed onto the bar to stop them.

He began shouting in Bulgarian but was prised away from the bar.

Once the bouncer got him near to the exit, he broke free and hit one of them in the mouth, knocking dentures out of place.

Stoyanov was put on the ground until police arrived and arrested him.

He was interviewed at police headquarters and admitted he had been swearing.

When shown CCTV footage, he claimed he had no recollection of throwing the punch, but said he now felt bad about it.

No lasting injury was caused.

The court heard that Stoyanov, who lives at Church Road Marina in Douglas, was given a caution in February 2022 relating to disorderly behaviour on licensed premises, and has three previous convictions, all alcohol-related.

A probation report said that the defendant had moved to the island 12 years ago and worked for a landscaping company.

He said that he works six or seven days a week sometimes, depending on the weather, and would send a lot of his income home to his family in Bulgaria.

Stoyanov, who lives at Church Road Marina in Douglas, told probation that, on the night in question, he had worked a very long day and was tired, which he said may also have impacted the way he behaved.

His probation officer said that they had given Stoyanov contact details for Motiv8 which he had said he would use if he needed to.

Stoyanov told probation that he felt a licensing ban would help him.

Defence advocate Casey Houareau said that the only time her client had problems was when he consumed alcohol.

The advocate said that Stoyanov had expressed remorse for his actions and reiterated that he would welcome an alcohol ban.

Deputy High Bailiff Ms Braidwood fined Stoyanov £600 for the disorderly behaviour and £500 for the assault.

He must also pay £125 prosecution costs and will pay all amounts at a rate of £50 per week.