A woman who failed to provide a sample of breath has been fined £1,000 and banned from driving for five years.

Veronica Marques Dos Santos was seen driving a car which knocked over a bollard and mounted the kerb.

But at police headquarters she was unable to provide a sample of breath, despite having failed a breathalyser test at her home earlier.

Magistrates also ordered the 40-year-old to take an extended test at the end of her ban and complete a drink-driving rehabilitation course.

We previously reported that, on October 24 at 7.10pm, Dos Santos was seen by a witness driving a Vauxhall Tigra between Peel Road and Douglas Promenade.

She was said to be braking for no reason and was described by the witness as ‘all over the road’.

After Dos Santos mounted the kerb and knocked over a bollard the witness called the police.

At 7.55pm, officers went to Dos Santos’ home at Peel Road.

Dos Santos was said to be found consuming alcohol at her home when police arrived.

The engine of her Tigra was still warm and she failed a breathalyzer test at her home.

However, after being arrested and taken to police headquarters, she failed to provide a sample.

She told the police: ‘I didn’t refuse. I tried several times. It was my first time.’

The court heard that she has no previous convictions.

Defence advocate Sara-Jayne Dodge reiterated that her client had not refused to take the test but had been unable to complete it.

‘Ms Dos Santos was clearly anxious and distressed, as was supported by the police officer’s statement,’ said the advocate.

‘That was part of the reason she failed to provide a sample.

‘It was not a case that she refused, she wasn’t able to blow the sample.

‘She did provide a roadside test and a drug wipe test so clearly we didn’t have somebody obstructing the police or being defiant.’

Ms Dodge went on to ask for credit to be given for her client’s guilty plea and urged the court to impose a financial penalty for the offence.

‘She has found the justice process incredibly distressing, it has been a hard lesson learned,’ said Ms Dodge.

Magistrates also ordered Dos Santos, who lives at Peel Road in Douglas, to pay £125 costs which she will pay, along with the fine, at a rate of £100 per month.