A 48-year-old Douglas man has been bound over to keep the peace after threatening a police officer.

Ian Ronald Goldsmith had previously been charged with threatening behaviour, which he had denied.

However, that charge was dismissed after he agreed to accept the one-year binding order which has a recognisance of £500.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police were called to the Rosemount pub in Woodbourne Road in Douglas on New Year’s Eve, at 10.13pm.

They had received a report of a fight there and when officers arrived they spoke to Goldsmith, who had been identified as a potential suspect.

He was described as slurring his words and smelling of alcohol.

Goldsmith was taken to a police van but began venting his anger, telling an officer: ‘F*****g idiot. When this is finished I’m going to find you and I’m going to destroy you. I feel like butting you, you f*****g p*ick.’

Mr Swain said that further investigations had found that a fight had occurred between two people, and Goldsmith had gone to assist a friend who was being assaulted.

The prosecutor said that the defendant, who lives at York Road in Douglas, had received a bang to the head and had been drinking.

Mr Swain said that case had been reviewed with the police and a binding order had been deemed sufficient. Goldsmith, who is also known as Goldie, was one of the prisoners who featured in ‘The Best Little Prison in Britain’ TV series, filmed at the Isle of Man prison.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers said: ‘Mr Goldsmith accepts his language fell below acceptable and will accept the binding order. There were strong mitigating circumstances.’