A 20-year-old Pulrose man has been put on probation for a year after an assault outside 1886 bar.

Harry Crellin admitted common assault after he hit someone then made off from the scene, but was later arrested.

Prosecuting advocate Kate Alexander told the court that police were called to 1886 bar in Regent Street on December 17, at 12.06am.

They received a report of Crellin hitting someone outside the pub, but he had left the area.

Officers found him at Alder Road, where he lives, and when they approached him, he said: ‘If you come one step further I will spark you out.’

However, Crellin then put his hands out and said: ‘Arrest me.’

He was taken to police headquarters, and during an interview answered ‘no comment’ to all questions.

A probation report said that the defendant was currently unemployed and had been on a family night out when the incident occurred.

Crellin told probation that he rarely went out or drank, and had not drank again since the offence.

He said that, on the night in question, he had consumed a few ‘pre-drinks’ with his family at home before going out.

He said he had then consumed four or five drinks at the Horse and Plough pub, before going on to 1886.

Crellin said that his recollection of the assault outside was practically zero.

The report said that he had expressed remorse for his behaviour and that it appeared to be out of character.

He was said to have successfully completed a probation order in 2023 and his engagement was described as excellent.

The report went on to say that Crellin was a vulnerable adult with mental health issues.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood said that he echoed what was said in the probation report and that his client led an isolated existence.

‘When he goes out on one family occasion in a blue moon, it ends with an appearance in court,’ said the advocate.

Mr Wood said that Crellin found social interaction difficult and that probation may help him.

The advocate also added that the defendant had spent a night in the cells after his arrest.

Magistrates also ordered Crellin to pay £125 prosecution costs, at a rate of £5 per week, deducted from benefits.