Fines totalling £24,420 have been issued to seven individuals and nine businesses for income tax and national insurance related offences.

Costs were awarded.

Failed to pay Income Tax Instalment Payments and/or Class 1 National Insurance Contributions by the due date:

Attraversiamo Limited, of Parliament Street, Ramsey, six offences, fined £1,750

Bar George Limited, of Second Avenue, Douglas, three offences, fined £2,150

Beyond Habitat Limited, of Malew Street, Castletown, eight offences, fined £2,680

Contact Electrical Limited, of Claughbane Drive, Ramsey, 4 offences, fined £2,030.

Lezayre Landscapes Limited, of Cronk Aust, Andreas Road, 17 offences, fined £4,750

Mike Boyle Autos Limited, of St Andrews Works, Balthane Industrial Estate, eight offences, fined £3040

St John’s Steel Services Limited, of Mines Road, Foxdale, four offences, fined £1,850

Wilton (IOM) Limited, of Athol Street, Douglas, eight offences, fined £1770

Xander Limited, of Devonshire Crescent, Douglas, 12 offences, fined £3400.00;

Failed to submit Personal Income Tax Return(s) at the correct time:

Euan Thomas Callow, of Ballanoa Meadow, Santon, four offences, no fine

Ashley Ronald Joseph Harrison, of Barroose Road, Baldrine, two offences, fined £200

Bethany Emma Kelly, of Bridge Street, Peel, three offences, no fine

Linda McCormack, of Kensington Road, Douglas, three offences, fined £400

Paul Anthony Wild, of Orry Place, Castletown, one offence, fined £300

Nicholas Edward Wilkins, of Greenlands Avenue, Ramsey, two offences, no fine

Failed to comply with a notice to submit accounts in support of a Personal Income Tax Return

Alan James Hardinge, of St Runius Way, Glen Vine, one offence, fined £100