A long-serving magistrate has retired from the bench after 29 years of service.

Carol Maddrell sat for the final time on Thursday (August 31) as members of the judiciary, advocates and fellow magistrates gathered to pay tribute.

Gill Eaton, who was chairing the magistrates on the day, was the first to pay tribute, saying: ‘Carol has been a stalwart of the magistrates for all these years.

‘She is a calm, considered lady who is always full of good advice. She is very caring, a role model and mentor for many of us who have joined the magistrates.

‘We are going to miss you and wish you a long and happy retirement.’

Court clerk Zoe Cannell said: ‘I’ve worked with Ms Maddrell for over 15 years now and I’d just like to say thank you very much.

‘The number of times I’ve phoned her and said we’ve got a problem, and she has dropped everything and come in.

‘We are going to miss you very much. Your kindness and support over the years have been very much appreciated.’

Advocate Darren Taubitz thanked Ms Maddrell for her professionalism, good humour, patience, compassion, and excellent judgement.

‘Your are a superb magistrate and we’ve got a lot to thank you for. You are held in very high esteem,’ he added.

Advocate Pam Butterworth said: ‘On behalf of the Manx bar I’d just like to thank you for your 29 years of service.

‘Had you committed murder you would perhaps have served less time.

‘On behalf of all my colleagues I am very grateful for all you have done as a magistrate.

‘I was always very grateful when I saw you walk into the courtroom as I knew there was going to be a sensible person on the bench.

‘Good luck in your retirement.’

Advocate Barry Swain paid tribute on behalf of the Attorney General’s Chambers and said: ‘Everytime I’ve appeared in front of you it’s been not only a duty, but a pleasure.

‘You’ve been fair and honest, and always dealt with matters with integrity.

‘And of course, that goes for all your colleagues. This is the best set of magistrates I’ve ever appeared in front of.’

Ms Maddrell thanked everyone for their kind words and said: ‘Being a magistrate has been rewarding in so many ways.

‘I feel fortunate to have worked alongside such committed and compassionate people.

‘I’d like to thank all the legal advisors, Zoe, and all the magistrates past and present.

‘Together they create a sense of community with the magistrates.’