A woman alleged of benefit and charity fraud today appeared in Court of General Gaol Delivery to provide an update on her proceedings.

Wendy Elizabeth of Ballaradcliffe, Andreas, stands accused nine counts of benefit fraud, two counts of deception, and two counts of charity fraud.

When asked to confirm her name she replied: ‘I am the living woman, Wendy Elizabeth. Megson is a legal fiction.’

Mrs Megson then claimed that she was not the defendant in the case.

Deemster Cook replied: ‘We do have a defendant in this case. It is you.’

Mrs Megson has previously had difficulties with finding legal representation on- or off-island but she is still attempting to find legal aid.

Deemster Cook has previously told her that if she did not find representation by her trial date on June 26, she would have to represent herself.

Mrs Megson then claimed that the court was ‘unconstitutional’ and she was seeking ‘the right to equal arms and a fair trial’.

Deemster Cook replied: ‘Claiming that proceedings are unconstitutional is no defence.’

He warned Mrs Megson that she was ‘getting very close to contempt of court’.

Deemster Cook has decided to adjourn proceedings until the pretrial hearing on May 5.

He said: ‘I think the court has wasted enough time in trying to assist you.’