A 65-year-old man has been fined £400 for having a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Miles Andrew Bilton also had his licence endorsed with three penalty points and was ordered to pay £50 prosecution costs.

Prosecuting advocate Roger Kane told the court that Bilton was driving an Audi A6 on Queen’s Promenade in Douglas on June 11.

The vehicle was not displaying a rear number plate so it was stopped by police.

Officers also noted that the windscreen was smashed which was obscuring the view.

The Audi was subsequently seized and taken to the test centre where numerous defects were found.

These include the issues with the number plate and windscreen, as well as one with the battery being insecure, a worn tyre, broken windscreen wipers, and a mirror secured with insulating tape.

An examiner at the test centre deemed it unroadworthy.

The court heard that the defendant had no previous convictions.

Bilton opted to represent himself in court, declining the use of a duty advocate.

He told magistrates that five of the defects were due to the garage it had been to.

Bilton said that he had paid £1,200 for repairs but the number plates had been glued rather than screwed in, and the battery had not been secure when he had assumed that it would be.

He said that a stone had hit the windscreen.

Magistrates ordered Bilton, who lives in Laxey, to pay the fine and costs by September 24.