A 49-year-old woman has admitted punching a man after a parking rage incident.

Louise Lillian Hitchen followed the man after she claimed he made a rude gesture about her parking.

After catching up with him at Vondy’s garage in Andreas, she punched him.

During a previous court appearance Hitchen had pleaded not guilty to common assault, but on Tuesday (July 4) she changed her plea to guilty.

However, she then left the court before being sentenced and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that the complainant called 999 on January 17 at 1pm.

He said he had been driving on Parliament Street in Ramsey and trying to park, but had seen Hitchen’s car parked badly, with its front sticking out in the road.

He said that he had raised his hand in exasperation and decided to drive on.

However, the man said that he then noticed Hitchen was following him and they both stopped at Vondy’s garage in Andreas.

He said that Hitchen got out of her car and came towards him very aggressively, saying: ‘Got something to say about my parking?’

The complainant said that she had then punched him to the side of the face and that there had been at least two punches.

However, Hitchen disputed this, saying she had only punched him once, to the back of the head.

The duo then slipped and fell onto the ground due to there being snow, but that was the end of the confrontation.

The complainant’s work colleagues at the garage corroborated his version of events.

Hitchen was later arrested and claimed that the complainant had been pointing aggressively at her, raising two fingers, and swearing while in his car in Parliament Street.

She said she had become upset and decided to follow him.

Hitchen said she had beeped her horn and flashed her lights to try to get his attention.

Once at the garage, she said she had wanted to speak to him calmly, but claimed he had sworn at her and grabbed her coat to push her away.

She admitted punching him but said it was a ‘tap’.

Hitchen, who lives at May Hill, Ramsey, was initially represented by duty advocate Stephen Wood.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said that a Newton Hearing may be necessary to settle the disputed facts but Hitchen then said she wanted to accept the prosecution facts to have it dealt with on the day.

A brief adjournment was granted to allow her to speak to Mr Wood about this, but the advocate then said that she had left the court building.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes subsequently issued a warrant without bail.

Mr Wood asked to come off record.