Offender rang 999 to complain he’d been thrown out of a pub

Thursday 12th May 2022 3:52 pm
1886 bar and restaurant on Regent Street, Douglas - (Isle of Man Newspapers )

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A 22-year-old man has been put on probation after making numerous nuisance 999 calls complaining that he’d been thrown out of a pub.

Brendon Gilardoni swore at an emergency services operator and said: ‘I will smash your head in.’

He was later restrained using Pava spray after a struggle with police.

Deputy High Bailiff James Brooks sentenced him to a 12-month probation order and also banned him from buying or being sold alcohol for six months.

Prosecuting advocate Hazel Carroon told the court that Gilardoni initially called 999 on April 18 at 3.30am to complain he’d been thrown out of 1886 bar in Regent Street in Douglas.

He was told by the emergency services operator that door staff were entitled to ask people to leave.

Gilardoni then made two further 999 calls, but this time became abusive and threatening, swearing at the operator and saying: ‘I will smash your head in.’

Police went to Regent Street at 4am and found Gilardoni, who lives at James Street in Douglas, still there.

He was said to have been calm and compliant so they told him to get a taxi home.

Gilardoni was escorted away from the area but was said to be slurring his words, staggering, and having glazed eyes.

However, shortly after police left him, he made three more 999 calls and said he was outside 1886 again.

Police returned and once again told him to leave the area but he then began saying that he had left his house keys in the bar.

Officers told him he would have to go back the next day as the bar was closed and then dropped him off at his mother’s address.

He was warned not to call 999 again but despite this Gilardoni made three more calls, shouting and swearing at the operator.

Police returned to his mother’s address and Gilardoni tried to stop officers getting into the living room by putting his weight against the door.

They forced entry and Gilardoni then flailed his arm and pushed police which resulted in him being put on the ground and Pava spray being used.

At police headquarters, during an interview, Gilardoni admitted misusing the 999 number and was said to be very remorseful.

He said that he had struggled with police because he didn’t like strangers touching him, and due to the amount he had drunk.

Gilardoni said he had drunk so much he could hardly remember the incidents.

A probation report said that Gilardoni had no previous convictions but had been going through a difficult time as a close relative was ill.

He said he would welcome support from probation and the report recommended a probation order as the most suitable sentence.

Defence advocate Paul Glover said: ‘Mr Gilardoni has no memory of the incident. He can’t offer an explanation but is embarrassed and ashamed.

‘To call up emergency services to say he’d been kicked out of 1886 and expect them to do anything about it shows how intoxicated he was.’

Deputy High Bailiff Mr Brooks told Gilardoni: ‘The police were generous in how they dealt with you.’

He was also ordered to pay £125 prosecution costs at a rate of £20 per fortnight, deducted from benefits.

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