A woman who brandished a stool during a bar room brawl has been put on probation for 12 months.

Bethany Storm Radcliffe admitted disorderly behaviour on licensed premises but sentencing had been adjourned previously while she viewed CCTV footage after she disputed some of the prosecution facts.

However, on Thursday, she accepted the facts without the need for a further hearing.

Magistrates also ordered the 21-year-old to pay £125 prosecution costs.

During a previous court appearance, Ben Jon Morrey Parsons, aged 30, of Bay View Road, Port Erin, was fined £150 for disorderly behaviour on licensed premises, while Benjamin Francis Lloyd, aged 32, of Brookhill Road, Ramsey, denied the same allegation, with his case heading towards trial.

We previously reported that the incident took place at the Riddler Under the Nest bar in Port Erin on May 8 last year.

At 12.15am, Radcliffe, who lives at Pairk Ollay in Ramsey, and Mr Lloyd were standing by a fruit machine when Parsons went to pass them via a small gap.

Words were said to have been exchanged and it is alleged that Mr Lloyd pushed Parsons which then resulted in them squaring up, and pushing and grabbing each other.

The disagreement was then said to have moved into the toilets and then to the smoking area.

Parsons was said to have pushed Mr Lloyd several times and thrown a punch at him during the scuffle.

Radcliffe then threw a plastic cup at Parsons before picking up a bar stool and hitting him in the head with the legs.

Other customers then intervened to break up the brawl, before police arrived.

During a police interview Radcliffe answered ‘no comment’ to questions, while Parsons said he had no recollection of the incident, then also answered ‘no comment’ to further questions.

Mr Lloyd claimed he was acting in self-defence.

Defence advocate Jane Gray, representing Radcliffe, said that her client had only one previous conviction, which had resulted in a conditional discharge.

Ms Gray said that Radcliffe had not intended to hurt Parsons with the chair and it was more an attempt to place it over his head to restrain him.

‘She ran into the bar and ran back out with it,’ said the advocate.

‘She put the stool up towards him and almost had him pinned, rather than attempting to cause him injury.’

Radcliffe said that Parsons had put both his hands on her hips when he had attempted to get past her initially.

Ms Gray said that Radcliffe had mental health issues which were detailed in the probation report.

The report assessed her as a low risk of reoffending and of harm to others, and recommended supervision as the most appropriate sentence.

Chair of the magistrates David Christian said: ‘To pick up a bar stool could have resulted in serious injuries and it could have escalated things as well.’

Radcliffe will pay the prosecution costs at a rate of £10 per week, deducted from benefits.