Offender who spied on ex with hidden camera back in court days after being sentenced

Thursday 7th July 2022 6:42 am
Nedyalko Marinov ()

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A convicted offender has admitted breaching a restraining order just four days after it was issued.

Nedyalko Marinov was sentenced to probation on June 23 after admitting using a concealed camera to film his ex-partner in her bedroom.

However, on June 27, while the woman was out, she received an alert from an online application with a video showing Marinov in her home.

When police arrested him he said: ‘Believe me. I’ll kill her one day with gun.’

He appeared in court again on June 28 when prosecuting advocate Roger Kane asked magistrates for an adjournment to make enquiries with the police as to whether any other charge regarding that comment might be laid.

Mr Kane said that the facts were ‘sinister’ and asked for Marinov to be remanded in custody.

We previously reported that the 41-year-old was living in a camper van near Cronk y Berry Avenue, Douglas, where he had previously lived with the woman.

On May 21 he was given an official warning by the police about his behaviour.

Despite this, Marinov was said to have sent the woman 12 messages on June 15, with some mentioning sexual acts.

He was also recording her via a baby monitor in her bedroom, concealed in some fairy lights.

Video footage was found on Marinov’s phone which had been recorded from the baby monitor.

Marinov and the woman were said to have argued and he sent her more messages, demanding that the electricity be plugged back into his camper van.

He also raised her car using a jack and sent her a message saying the car would be brought down when the electricity was reconnected.

He admitted to officers that he had raised the car using the jack after an argument, and said that the baby monitor was turned on because he wanted to keep an eye on their child.

On June 23, Marinov was put on probation for nine months and given a one-year restraining order after admitting harassment.

However, on June 27, the woman received a notification from Blink, an online motion detection application, saying that someone was in her house.

The application also sent her five video recordings showing Marinov in the house between 5.53pm and 6.04pm.

Mr Kane said that the woman was physically shaking and too anxious to return to her home.

Magistrates ordered that a probation report be prepared before sentencing, which will consider all options, including custody.

The case was adjourned until July 28.

Marinov made no application for bail and he was remanded in custody.

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