A man who assaulted his father during a drunken row has been put on probation for 12 months.

Joshua Connor Harding punched his dad in the face after a row over his wallet, then damaged his phone and laptop.

In court, the 27-year-old pleaded guilty to common assault and property damage.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes also ordered him to pay £150 compensation to his father.

Prosecuting advocate Hazel Carroon told the court that Harding was at his home in Upper Dukes Road in Douglas with his father on November 7. He said that they had been watching football and had both drunk 10 cans of Stella.

At 5.45pm, his father said that he went upstairs but when he came back downstairs he saw his son going through his wallet. He said that he grabbed his bank card which prompted Harding to flip his father’s laptop off a table, damaging it.

Harding then pushed his father onto the sofa and punched him in the face, causing bruising to his eye and a scratch on his face.

His father then got up and picked up his phone and went outside.

However, Harding then grabbed the phone and threw it on the ground, damaging it.

His father went to a neighbour’s house until police arrived, while Harding went to Noble’s Park and stayed there until he was arrested.

During a police interview, he admitted all the offences but said he hadn’t damaged the phone and laptop deliberately.

Ms Carroon said that an estimate for the repair of the laptop had been received for £150 but no details for the phone were received.

A probation report said that Harding had said that the altercation had been fuelled by alcohol but he remembered it clearly and that he regretted his actions.

The report said that Harding was a plasterer by trade but had been signed off work recently. The court heard that he has no previous convictions.

Defence advocate John Wright said that the prosecution facts were accepted.

Mr Wright said that Harding suffered from mental health issues and said that he was alcohol-dependent.

Harding said that he had not been rifling through his father’s wallet and had only been putting his bank card back, after his father had told him to go to the shop and use it, so it had been a misunderstanding.

Mr Wright said that Harding was now not welcome at the family home but a place at the probation accommodation Tromode House was available until Harding could find alternative accommodation.

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes sentenced Harding to 12 months probation for both offences, to run concurrently. He must also pay £125 prosecution costs which he will pay, along with the compensation, at a rate of £10 per week.