A 40-year-old man who blew the contents of his nose onto a burger van counter has been fined £250 for threatening behaviour.

Paul David Renshaw claimed he had been falsely accused of sabotaging a cycling event, which prompted him to confront the van owner.

Deemster Graeme Cook, sitting as Deputy High Bailiff, described the offence as ‘disgusting’ and also ordered Renshaw to pay £50 prosecution costs.

Renshaw got snotty on July 24 when a family car boot sale was being held at Blackberry Lane football pitch on July 24.

Prosecuting advocate Rachael Braidwood told the court that he approached a burger van and told the owner: ‘I’ve been trying to contact you for the past year.’

The owner told him that the matter had been dealt with by police.

Renshaw was then said to have told the man: ‘You had no right to report me. I’m going to come in there and break every bone in your body.’

He then discharged the contents of his nose onto the food preparation area and said: ‘Next time I see you, I will knock you out.’

After being arrested, during an interview Renshaw, who lives in Heather Crescent, Douglas, told police he knew the man from cycling events.

Renshaw said that the man had put in a complaint falsely stating that he had sabotaged the Manx 100 mountain bike event.

Renshaw said that this had resulted in him receiving lots of threats about it.

He claimed that the man had ‘had it in for him’ for years.

Renshaw told police that when he approached the burger man, the owner had sworn at him and denied saying anything threatening himself.

The offence is finable only.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers said that his client suffered from mental health issues and accepted he had confronted the man.

Mr Rodgers said that Renshaw did not accept that he had sworn at the man, but did accept that he had discharged his nose on the counter and his behaviour had been unacceptable.

The advocate said that the incident had occurred in July and there had been no further offending.

Deputy High Bailiff Mr Cook ordered Renshaw to pay the fine and costs at a rate of £5 per week, deducted from benefits.