A man who punched holes in a wall and door at his parents’ house has been put on probation for 18 months.

Joshua Connor Harding admitted property damage and was also given a 12-month licensing ban by magistrates.

The 27-year-old was already subject to a 12-month probation order, imposed in November 2022 after he punched his father.

Magistrates revoked that order and replaced it with the new one, meaning Harding will now be on probation for longer.

We previously reported that police were called to Harding’s parents’ home at Upper Duke’s Road in Douglas, on February 19, at 6.20pm, after a report of a domestic incident.

Harding was said to have been drinking and had punched holes in walls and a bedroom door after demanding a bank card to buy more alcohol.

He was subsequently arrested and had to be restrained by police officers.

Harding, whose address is Michael Street, Peel, was described as smelling of alcohol, having glazed eyes, and had cuts on his knuckles.

During a police interview he said that the altercation had been about his drinking habits.

He said he had been drinking since 9am on the day in question and admitted causing the damage out of frustration.

Ms Carroon asked the court to consider a licensing ban.


Defence advocate Ian Kermode said: ‘It is a sad situation involving a dispute with his parents. It is simply criminal damage to a bedroom wall and door.

‘Mr Harding accepted he had been drinking during the day and got into an argument and punched holes in the wall and door.

‘Quite simply he is an alcoholic. He fully confesses that and is working to address it.’

Mr Kermode said that despite his client’s issues, he had been able to hold down full-time employment as a plasterer and that a reference spoke highly of him.

‘He has been alcohol-dependent for a number of years,’ said the advocate.

‘He has contacted the drug and alcohol team and is waiting for an appointment.’

Mr Kermode went on to say that Harding felt ashamed and embarrassed, and was heartbroken at what he had put his parents through.

He said that he had been working with probation on victim awareness.

A probation report assessed Harding as a medium risk of reoffending and harm to others.

The report recommended a longer probation order of 18 months.

Magistrates also ordered him to pay £125 prosecution costs.